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You can book an appointment with Petr Samchuk via a special form. Please let us know the preferred date and time of your visit. You will be contacted by our manager shortly (phone number is stated at the website header).

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Please use the form to give your question to professor Petr Samchuk will reply when it’s possible, and his response will be sent directly to your e-mail address. We could also publish his reply on our website, but no personal data is to be published.
Unfortunately, currently we’re unable to offer you a direct connection with Mr.Samchuk via our website. But you are always welcome to call our manager, whose phone number is stated at the website header.
It could also be helpful if you look through the Q&A list here. Probably your question was replied earlier.

Motherhood School

Here you can also enter our Motherhood School. Its’ visitors are being given all the information needed for healthy pregnancy, birth and postnatal period.

These classes are a comprehensive medical and psychological course for mothers and fathers. Men are being trained to become a birthing partner, having an opportunity to consult with a practicing birth attendant.


A gynecologist from Irkutsk became our millionth passenger!

A gynecologist from Irkutsk became our millionth passenger!

August 16, 2015

Any ideas on who it might have been? Check the report here.

Angara Region children’s „godfather”.

Angara Region children’s „godfather”.

August 15, 2015

Web is full of amazing information. Check out this article from 2007.

I’m a boy. I pee

From time to time a bladder gets empty and the urine developed in it is released into the waters. Placenta performs the excretory function, and most of the fetus’ metaboli-waste products are being transited to the mother’s blood through the placenta. Fetus doesn’t produce much of urine: 2,2 mls per hour when it’s 5 months old and 26,7 mls per hour by the moment it’s about to be born. ‘I’m a boy, as you might see it, and yes - I do pee sometimes like any other girl or boy. Sometimes I wonder why should pee to the place I live in? Why should nature be so tuff? The waters get so bitter, but I have to drink it, cause I’m thirsty!’ A wonder inside of you From 5 until 7 months a baby has significantly bigger amount of the taste cells, extremely perceptive to the slightest shades of taste, than an adult. Right after the birth their number decreases dramatically.



So now you've sucesfully entered the fellowship or willing to do so. First thing you are supposed to do is to work on a sceintific paper – your candidate dissertation. The papers on practical medicine, especially obstetricy and gynecology, require a particular approach. It's important that you have a chance to address all of your questions on the paper's paragraphs or parts writing and the publishing of articles, required by a Russian Higher Attestation Commitee, to a proficient consultant.

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