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Is it okay to eat mushrooms while I’m pregnant?

Yes, it’s just the matter of where you buy it, the way you cook and eat it!

• Buy mushrooms in a hypermarket. Champignons are the best option, as long as they contain all the healthful elements and are easy to cook. And if you got dried boletes, just a couple of pinches would make any mushroom course outstanding.

• Avoid buying or eating the mushroom you are unfamiliar with. Get them only from the trustworthy sources and consume the 100% safe mushrooms.

•. Boil the mushrooms thoroughly, especially when it comes to the chanterelles. Chop them, fry with parsley, potatos and carrot to your taste.

• Unfortunately, marinated or pickled mushrooms are a strick counterindication for the pregnant women.

• Best option at all times is too see your doctor.

Are the pregnant women allowed eat a pineapple?

Not only they can – they must!

„A bromeline, contained in the pineapple’s core makes it especially good for the pregnant. This element – a group of elements to be exact – makes the eating of pineapples a great way to keep a woman up, lift her, keep her skin firm and healthy, stabilize a food digestion, clean the bloodvessels and remove the fibrin clots, developing in the blood flow. Находясь в кишечнике бромелайн, благодаря своему антисептическому действию, убивает болезнетворные микроорганизмы. While in a bowel, thanks to its antiseptic action, bromeline has an ability to kill the harmful bacteria.

Pregnant women, suffering from varicose veins on early stages, can block the disease development eating a limited amounts of the pineapples. Moreover, a fresh pineapple juice or some pineapple can improve the digestion processes of a pregnant woman. Its chemical makeup, a pineapple facilitates the food reduction and digestion, protecting a mom-to-be from a water brush, stomachache, cleans the blood vessels from the fats, normalizing the blood pressure and is helpful for some CVD diseases prevention, immunity improvement and helps to avoid avitaminosis and hypovitaminosis.”

Remember, that a pineapple is a good diuretic as well, which means it’s helpful for the liquid extraction from a woman’s body.

Mr. Samchuk says „yes!”.

That being said, certain restrictions should be taken into account. Be careful when eating a pineapple: it’s an allergic fruit and might cause a reaction in a pregnant woman’s body. It raises the gastric acidity, so it’s couldn’t be eaten if a mom is having a gastritis or a peptic ulcer. And remember, that eating too much pineapple might result into the gastric disorders – both for pregnant women and any other man.

All the citations are taken from the published sources.

Please see your doctor.

Shall a removal of the fallopian tube have a negative impact on the chances to get pregnancy or on the pregnancy itself?

The lack of one of the fallopian tubes lowers the fertilization chances, yet has influence on the pregnancy itself.

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