A gynecologist from Irkutsk became our millionth passenger!

Fri, December 12 a millionth passenger arrived to Irkutsk. „Komsomolskaya Pravda (KP)” reported that they started predicting the flight to carry this lucky man in the beginning of the December (”KP” of Dec 2, 2008 – „A millionth passenger to arrive to Irkutsk airport”).

12 PM sharp flight N747, carrying the winner, arrived at the airport.

— The only thing we know is that it’s a man – said the press department representatives. – Right after he bought a ticket, his number indicated he is the one! Here he comes…

The millionth flyer was greeted right by the plane stairway. Mr. Samchuk, Irkutsk State Medical University obstetrity and gynecology chair professor, a doctor of medical sciences was the one to hear the cheering greetings from all the crowd.

Mr. Samchuk was surprised and at first he simply had no words.

— Never knew this could happen to me… Even though I’m a frequent flier, never was I met with such an honor, that’s the very first time.

Professor was coming back from Moscow where he participated at the doctor’s scientific and practical conference.

— When I was still onboard, the flying attendants told me that I stay on the plane, which got me quite excited – told Petr Samchuk.

He was greeted by the airport representatives, accompanied by the city authorities and the aircompany delegates.

— My wife is waiting for me, can she come here? – asked mr. Samchuk after the first excitement was gone.

— Most definitely, said Oleg PASTUKHOV, Irkutsk Airport Federal State Unified Institution first deputy director.

Lucky passenger was awarded with a personal free flight certificate, allowing to receive tickets to any Russian city.

© „Komsomolskaya Pravda” Publishing House JSC, 2008

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