Preparation to the pregnancy

Medical statistic says that 80% of pregnancies were not planned, which means, that a woman gets to know about her new state only after 4–5 weeks, when she faces a missed period. Child’s inwards and body systems already exist at this moment. So 80% babies yet unborn might already have problems on any stage from prenatal period to birth and life.

A child’s health and mind directly depend on future parents’ food, hygiene and habits. But as long as we understand, that healthy living is hard in a modern world, it’s important to take time and get yourself into a better shape both physically and mentally.

Baby’s diseases might be caused by a whole range of factors such as heredity, ecology, lifestyle and bad habits, parents’ age, infectious diseases, chronic states, parents' blood group and rhesus, a pregnant woman’s nutrition details or a body overweight.

Future parents are to be examined and consulted by the doctors to make sure their child is to be healthy. It’s supposed to be done 5–6 months before the impregnations, cause you might need time for working on the issues, found after these examinations.

Petr Samchuk has been practicing in obstetrics and gynecology for more than 30 years now – i.e. pregnancy planning and management. He’s one of Russia’s leading obstetricians, and thousands of women have trusted their child’s health (as well as their own) to him. Hippocrates was right: trust is the key factor, allowing a doctor to help the patient. Mr. Samchuk’s highest professional priority is an expert care, and psychological comfort and trust between the doctor and a woman and her family. Through all the stages from pregnancy management to birthgiving and postnatal period you are to rely on a professional doctor, whose experience is to guide him at all times. Most pregnancy complications might be prevented when timely examinations and correction of possible diseases, states and aptitudes are in place.

Some states might not be completely eliminated, but prenatal diagnosis can allow the doctor to make a prognosis of the complications expected, get ready to them and plan the correction from the very first days, which could let saving the pregnancy on an early stage.