Scientific activities

Regenerative medicine (RM) is a modern healthcare branch, busy with a human’s damaged inwards and tissues. Before the new methods are introduced into the clinical practice, a multistage clinical researches and tests (CR) are to be undertaken. Cell therapy is one of the RM departments, studying different types of cells in terms of the clinical appliance for the treatment of different disorders (myocardial infarctions, apoplectic attacks, spinal brain damages, Parkinson’s disease, injuries, burns etc.)

More CR's of the multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells (MMSC) (also referred to as „mesenchymal stem cells”) have been performed worldwide lately. These cells main attribute is their homogenous application (allowing to use one patient’s cells for another one). MMSC can be received from different sources such as marrow, fat tissues, gingival mucosa, human placenta etc.

Placenta tissue allows easier access without need for the invasive interventions. Burnasyan’s Federal Medical Biochemical Center under the Russian Federal Medical and Biological Agency is currently performing a number of CR’s involving stem cells. The results of these CR have been included into the USA National Institutes of Health register, which means they’ve undergone a strict international quality and ethics control. One of the planned Burnazyan’s FBMC further work direction is the estimation of placenta cells therapeutical value.

We are the participants of this project and we are looking forward to using its' results for women fertility recovery.