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Happy Healthcare Worker’s Day!

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June, 21 a number of Russian regions celebrate Father’s day. We join to all the congratulations!

Another quote on a human life, birth and upbringing…

Scientific research results are now available. Medical practicioners are welcome to read the Recommendations and Results.

Anna Gedes’ website gives any of us a chance to make a unique screen wallpaper.

Don’t hesitate using this idea if you are looking for a way to capture your pregnancy and the first years of you child.

„He, who points on my mistake is my tutor; he, who marks my success is my friend; but he, who flatters me is my enemy” (Sun-Tzu).

Can a pregnant woman eat pineapples? Here’s the answer.

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Patients’ reviews sometimes look like a special writing genre! „Since I found an information about Petr Samchuk, there was no hesitation he’d be the one to help my child be delivered the best way!”

A discussion caused by the question on eating mushrooms while pregnant can be found here.

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